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2rgb-rhombus-skull-800pxThe RGB is more subtle in this, but it is getting closer to the feel I was imagining. The idea here is about how we experience life now through Red, Green & Blue lights. The cassette represents old technology,  with the shortcomings and ephemeral quality of recording our efforts.

The tools and bones surrounding the scull represent traditions and historical ways of making things. I had been looking at art of the Odd Fellows and their pennants and flags and cryptic symbolism. I thought I might start with that and evolve it into my own cultural vernacular for this future society.

I am still not sure what to do with the contract below the skull. I want it to be an agreement of some kind.banners


diver-collection Ascent / Descent of man. Resourcefulness in regards to dreams and solutions to difficult challenges.

OK, flying over land. My goal was to have some textural patterns that would clearly be agricultural. This is still way-in-progress. My other intent was the Monopoly™ houses. More resolved, but will be in the additional areas surrounding the flying man.

ascent-descent-pt1-smMore thought about man’s ability to do things that are amazing to us — but only as far as we can see. We are amazed too easily.

ascent-descent-pt3The houses will be symbolic of all culture, building, homes, lifestyles.

rhombus-combine-options1There seems to be some potential for experimenting with combinations of different rhombus polyptych’s.

I have been looking at how this may work into a much larger statement. The idea being that I have more than one individual piece that can be displayed in many potential forms.

A type of narrative that is more in keeping with how the world is perceived to us—a tapestry of seemingly-unconnected events.


The thought that there are events happening around us in a many-faceted cacophony which we pass through like a needle through fabric. We are affected by the events immediately around us and ripples of events surrounding us in radiating intersections.

Jennifer Bartlet / Elizabeth Murray / Jim Shaw / Mark Bradford / Tom Sachs / Robyn O’Neil

“You have to follow the work where it wants to go—it’s not about some little skill…”  ~ Jackie Winsor


studio-wall-1Just a couple of quick “candid” studio photos while working. I left some tools in there to get a perspective of some of the sizes.

The wall to the left shows a messy area, but most importantly, the silhouette stencil of my flying man.


This is a concept for the larger rhombus stretched canvases that I have started. The final will be approx. 72″ x 68″

This shows the layers I anticipate having in different applications. There will be digital printed canvases mixed with painted canvases + stenciled spray painted areas.

“If Necessity is the Mother of Invention, Then is Technology the Father of Dependence?”

With the continued use of the rhombus shape I am questioning whether the shape lends itself to the idea of an underlying structure of science and math as an interlocking foundation for the inventive attempts at various technologies.

A form that gives us a look at a world where people strive to use new technologies with the hope that each one will make us incrementally more self-sufficient while seeking to be further distanced from a consideration of faith.

An oxymoron, The attraction is hidden. A decoy that would lead an unsuspecting duck to its demise. The surface now being camouflaged obscures its intent. This being both something to attract and hide is a curious combination.
It’s a mixed-metaphor and begs a question of the purpose. Many times we are attracted to dangerous situations and do not see them coming.
The camouflage style being of the digital style adds another layer to the idea and the hand-painted application can bring yet other layers of questioning.

“If I loose my grip, will I take flight?”

“If I loose my grip, will I take flight?” a lyric from a Bruce Cockburn song called Strange Waters.
This is quite wonderful double entendre regarding holding on to things that either hold you down or potentially keep you safe vs the idea of hanging on to a branch on a cliff, or an airplane wing that once you have let go, you will surely die.
The imagery here is about hands, arms, etc. They are also of different colors. This is intentional and supposed to call you to compare.
Both scenarios are different intentionally too.

The imagery here is about hands, arms, etc. They are also of different colors. This is intentional and supposed to call you to compare.

The imagery here is about hands, arms, etc. They are also of different colors. This is intentional and supposed to call you to compare.

I have this thought that has been progressing and I am starting to get more of a positive feeling about the combination of figures. A lot of talk with this work has been centered around the contrast of the two scenes. Thoughts about location and activity. How we are not naturally able to coexist. While there’s the aspect of work and war, there is also the concept of how work vs. play can be derived here too.