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“Time Out of Mind” 36×48 in. size M, acrylic on panel, Jeff Del Nero 2018

“Hand of Man” 30.5 x 24 in., acrylic on panel, Jeff Del Nero 2017
visual icebergs on panel
“Visual Icebergs” Acrylic on Panel, 91x72in., Jeff Del Nero ©2017

“Babel 2.0.1” 48x36in. size M, Acrylic on panel, Jeff Del Nero 2017



detail 1
“Babel 2.0.1” 48x36in. size M, Acrylic on panel, Jeff Del Nero 2017

detail 2 with flag and down light

“Ominous Anonymous” 60x48in Size L, Acrylic on Panel, Jeff Del Nero 2017
“Delft Man” (in progress) 36 by 48 in., acrylic on plywood panel, Jeff Del Nero, 2017

Art Making = The process of falling in love and out of love, moment by moment.”

“Conflict Play” 30.5 x 24 in., acrylic on panel, Jeff Del Nero 2016

wrestle-doodle3_sm wrestle-doodle2 wrestle-doodle1

“Nature as Resource”, 108x48in, acrylic on panel, Jeff Del Nero, 2016


The objects gathered here have significance to each other, loosely based on the themes running through this series. An interesting note about the depicted femur can be read here in this blog “A Seekers Thoughts”. While the rib is full of references I will let you have some fun thinking about that pairing.  I first read about the Frustum here in Seth Godin’s blog and thought about how this applies to everything from politics to the arts.








start-sign-500pxBlue Sky Thinking” is…

…Thinking that is not grounded or in touch in the realities of the present.

The proportion and symbolic silhouette is that of a stop sign. Hopefully there is enough graphic alignment with the original intent of the shape to be recognizable — but this with an entirely different conclusion. An entirely different suggestion is in the content of this message.

“Refugees from Eden” 30.5 x 24 in., size S, acrylic on panel, Jeff Del Nero 2018

Refugees of Eden. Those escaping a now dead tree. This is a “serious doodle” based on an idea I had while all of the debates regarding the Syrian refugees were trying to find new countries in which to escape..

A land that was once home, is now no longer hospitable. Now their new reality is a cold, hard land of un-receptive people that see them as inconveniences.

Idea… Mass-Idea

we live in a digital age.

we have knowledge of things, but less understanding. more information, (more…)

Life Story – Jeff Del Nero ©2015

Thinking about an approach to painting that is at once out of my usual approach while incorporating some disjointed thoughts that have been strongly (more…)

Some *more* Thoughts.

“Is This What I Do? Or, is this What I Am?”
~ thoughts

“I am offended. The Art World Favors Dead People.”

~  thoughts

“Is there any art form that is so powerful that it cannot be surpressed?” ~ thoughts

non-gnostic_500px“No Special Knowledge… Non-Gnostic” ~ thoughts