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This quote was mentioned by the priest at my father in law’s funeral. Godspeed George!

“Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment.”

Dag Hammarskjöld

“InfiniteUse” acrylic on canvas, 48x36in. Jeff Del Nero 2016
“InfiniteUse” acrylic on canvas, 48x36in. Jeff Del Nero 2016

A simple doodle drawing that has become a painting. (more…)

Target workers is an idea I have had regarding the use of illegal laborers. They are targeted to do work that others would not do. These same people are targeted (more…)

Temptation Concept / Sin Concept

In thinking of the dilemma of life’s journey, I have been seeking images that describe the challenges with which we are daily faced. An idea I had was to show temptation in a way that could be depicted in a graphic form.

Temptation Concept / Sin Concept

The oxymoron of a camouflaged decoy is one that (more…)

Life Story – Jeff Del Nero ©2015

Thinking about an approach to painting that is at once out of my usual approach while incorporating some disjointed thoughts that have been strongly (more…)


New City Studio introduction of Makoto Fujimura

—Intro from Jim Ballinger of Phoenix Art Museum

—Mako: Part 1

—Mako: Part 2

—Mako: Part 3

—Q&A with Mako

I was asked by a few friends to post this recording that I made with a very spur-of-the-moment method. This is an “unofficial recording” (from the middle of the audience on an iPhone recorder) of Makoto Fujimura at the Phoenix Art Museum. We took an opportunity to hear him speak about his work, painting methods and his career. I have the full recording segmented into multiiple parts for easier listening on the left. Also the total recording is quite long, about 90 min. I have it linked here for download below – worth a listen.

With some great inspiration by New City Church to contact Mako, and more coordination with the Phoenix Art Museum, we had an opportunity to visit with one our truly great artists. He is internationally respected for his contributions to art and faith throughout Washington D.C. and the New York contemporary art world. This is a lecture by Makoto Fujimura regarding his paintings of The Four Holy Gospels and the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible.

> More about The Four Holy Gospels

He speaks of his processes, challenges and successes of working the way he does to convey amazing truths and timeless themes in a painting style that is a very old technique.

To download the entire 20mb Audio file right-click on this link.

Judgement Seat from Jeff Del Nero on Vimeo.

How do you depict forgiveness? How do you show the regret for sin? I have this painting that has a bird on a chair. In the both the Old and New Testaments there is reference to birds being used as sacrifices for certain types of sin. This painting is a very simplistic way of me showing Christ as that sacrifice. The bird is on the “Judgement Seat” and is free to fly away at any time. But there it is, willing and ready to be the sacrifice.

This painting has features that I love about being an artist. You can put images together, and people can react to them. I have heard the gambit on this one, from “depressing to hopeful.” Another element that I love about a painting is its confined area. In this size of a canvas all there is to consider is what is listed before you. I have a composition that aligns all of the elements towards the center. Definitely inspired by Giorgio Morandi, there’s no hiding that. He had his ways of grouping elements into a very challenging composition – usually it is more aesthetic to place objects in still life’s in a manner that gives rhythm and space to appeal. I like the in-your-face way his compositions say; “this is what I want to show.”

Painting is a great way to tell a story, because the viewer can spend as much time or as little time viewing (investing) to figure out the “story.” Books and Film are not as cooperative with your schedule. They say people spend less than 30 seconds looking at a work of art at any given time. One thing I hope to have in my work is enough to come back to and surmise about on the next viewing.