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Average Person vs. Leonardo DiCaprio Fuel Usage Comparison

Regular Person:
20K miles / year at 20 m.p.g


Leonardo DiCaprio’s Private Jet:
358 gallons/hour in a 3 hour flight uses more fuel than I do in a year.

Quintus Horatius Flaccus (December 8, 65 BC – November 27, 8 BC)

“The aim of the poet is to inform or delight, or to combine together, in what he says, (more…)

“Conflict Play” 30.5 x 24 in., acrylic on panel, Jeff Del Nero 2016

wrestle-doodle3_sm wrestle-doodle2 wrestle-doodle1

start-sign-500pxBlue Sky Thinking” is…

…Thinking that is not grounded or in touch in the realities of the present.

The proportion and symbolic silhouette is that of a stop sign. Hopefully there is enough graphic alignment with the original intent of the shape to be recognizable — but this with an entirely different conclusion. An entirely different suggestion is in the content of this message.

This canvas is a work in progress utilizing some of the symbols from my “anti-flag” which I am now considering more of a “trigger” flag. Flags tend to be some thing people are for – this flag is about what people are against.

The murmuration is a way of capturing an initially beautiful image that gets progressively less beautiful when looked at closer.

I still have quite a bit of work to do on this.


I have been thinking about what it would look like to combine a bunch of trigger symbols into one flag that might summarize many “anti-sentiments.” It really started when observing (more…)

Temptation Concept / Sin Concept

In thinking of the dilemma of life’s journey, I have been seeking images that describe the challenges with which we are daily faced. An idea I had was to show temptation in a way that could be depicted in a graphic form.

Temptation Concept / Sin Concept

The oxymoron of a camouflaged decoy is one that (more…)

Some *more* Thoughts.

“Is This What I Do? Or, is this What I Am?”
~ thoughts

“I am offended. The Art World Favors Dead People.”

~  thoughts

“Is there any art form that is so powerful that it cannot be surpressed?” ~ thoughts

non-gnostic_500px“No Special Knowledge… Non-Gnostic” ~ thoughts