Contemporary Art

Still Life?
Anonymous Portrait
Thinking about the way we consume or appreciate art in the internet age. Even considering how we interact with each other, and the internet’s provision of access to each other and to images. This group of images acquired from the Rijksmuseum program called “RijksStudio.”

Artificial Realities.

Even to the uninitiated, these are fairly recognizable or at least archetypical images. My addition to these question the intent of the work. But even more there is a question of the intent of the viewer.

I have been thinking about the life of an artist. The genuine work of an artist. You know, the actual manipulated art materials existing right in front of you. With its thickness, and weight and smell. I question if this is even important to anyone anymore. My feeling is, we are in a society that has generally lost a passion for the authentic experience. This group of images do not represent a way of working that is typical for me, but these are a way that I can “graphically express” my ideas.
Of each of these, the project that gained my most attention is “@Play” you can see more about it in another blog post.


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