Late Seventies BioMaps

These latest maps depict prevalent trips that happened towards the latter end of the 70’s for me. Trips between aunt and uncle’s house and what would eventually become a new location for my parents to live. This was just before I moved to Los Angeles to go to Art Center College of Design.

We moved from the house where I grew up, to a small ranch property that would be where we lived in a mobile home while we built my parent’s new home. It was mostly finished right before I moved down to go to college.

This map is the trip I made everyday while attending MJC. I played basketball there for a year before I realized my days on a bonafide team were coming to an end. I soon took up city league basketball and continued to play the sport until I was about 47 years old. At that time I started playing organized volleyball —a sport I still play and enjoy today.

One of the more endearing maps for me right now is one I made about all of the locations of teams I played against in high school. Known as the Trans Valley League, “TVL” comprised of many small farming communities. Each one had its own personality and crop they claimed to be the “world capital of cherries, apricots or whatever…”

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