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life remote
“Life Remote 2” – 19x48in, plywood and words, Jeff Del Nero, 2017

Life Remote

These are in progress. I have somewhat of an idea that is not quite ready yet, but I am still working on this concept. To me it’s like a poem of words that we use in an automatic way. I think it can be a fun idea to think that our lives are managed in a “remote” kind of interaction.

We sit in one place and try to make things happen in another place. Using this bit of technology to assist us. This is our phone or our computer that becomes an extension of us. Although, many times there are not buttons for the things we wish could happen. Or events that we cannot control or undo.

life remote
“Life Remote 1” – 19x48in, plywood and words, Jeff Del Nero, 2017

My goal is to have the surface of this allude to life. The worn, random effects of living through life. The inevitable wear-and-tear that happens to us.
Because UX (user experience) is important to us in our daily lives, and my job many times is largely associated with a user’s experience, I wanted this to be less user friendly; on/off buttons are randomly placed in the midst of banks of buttons. Also, purposely dis-organizing usage, so it would be work to locate the correct button for the desired result. Chances for errors are increased.

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