Prickley Pear with Small Pumpkin – sold

Still life painting of a prickley pear paddle and one of those decorative small pumpkinsHave you ever wondered what it is like to go to an artist’s studio and browse through the artwork? Not only on the walls, but in the studio racks that contain all of the artwork not currently hanging. It can be a ton of fun for an art appreciator and the artist too.

This Painting recently sold to a friend who was in Phoenix visiting family. She had simply called to see if Mary and I were available to have a studio visit on a Saturday morning. We said to come by and see what we have in the studio you may like.

It was quite a great experience for us to have a nice opportunity to sit down and spend time with someone curious about our work. Usually at an open studio we don’t get to talk about some of the subtleties of each painting. Last Saturday morning was different in that we had the time to discuss some very specific items that Caroline was interested in.

The warmth of his home and his person seem to manifest in each piece.”

“I first saw Jeff’s work several years ago and had the opportunity to hear him talk about his inspiration and the ‘layers’ he puts into each work of his. Labor, spirituality, everyday objects– he incorporates these into his pieces with such humanity and artistic talent. The warmth of his home and his person seem to manifest in each piece.

I took a liking to a still life of a prickly pear leaf and a pumpkin- somewhat similar to Morandi’s still lifes but with obviously a local uniqueness to it—I was told the prickly pear leaf and pumpkin were found laying around the Del Nero’s desert house one day. Also Jeff described the flat rendering of the background -where the vertical and horizontal planes are indistinguishable- as another distinctive element of the painting. Keep at it Jeff, your work is just awesome!!”

– Caroline Colangelo

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  1. Linda, I really appreciate your input. I know you have blogged for a long time and you know the ropes when it comes to doing it well. My intention is to help people become aware of what it’s like to visit with artists in their studios. To see how the interaction can be a very fun way to exchange ideas and develop appreciation of art and each other.

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