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“Nature as Resource”, 108x48in, acrylic on panel, Jeff Del Nero, 2016


The objects gathered here have significance to each other, loosely based on the themes running through this series. An interesting note about the depicted femur can be read here in this blog “A Seekers Thoughts”. While the rib is full of references I will let you have some fun thinking about that pairing.  I first read about the Frustum here in Seth Godin’s blog and thought about how this applies to everything from politics to the arts.








rhombus-combine-options1There seems to be some potential for experimenting with combinations of different rhombus polyptych’s.

I have been looking at how this may work into a much larger statement. The idea being that I have more than one individual piece that can be displayed in many potential forms.

A type of narrative that is more in keeping with how the world is perceived to us—a tapestry of seemingly-unconnected events.


The thought that there are events happening around us in a many-faceted cacophony which we pass through like a needle through fabric. We are affected by the events immediately around us and ripples of events surrounding us in radiating intersections.

Jennifer Bartlet / Elizabeth Murray / Jim Shaw / Mark Bradford / Tom Sachs / Robyn O’Neil

“You have to follow the work where it wants to go—it’s not about some little skill…”  ~ Jackie Winsor