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The Grady Movie from Jeff Del Nero on Vimeo.

This is a very short video featuring the saguaro cactus that is right outside my studio. I shot this in 2003, but recently after a violent storm, this cactus has been decimated. The pygmy owl I call “Grady” that has annually resided in this saguaro on his migration to Mexico will no longer be visiting unfortunately. The guitar piece that accompanies the video is by Lindsey Buckingham. It is a most beautiful acoustic guitar arrangement.

Larson’s 200 meter race from Jeff Del Nero on Vimeo.

This is a video produced my Jeff Del Nero, and many people from Open Door Fellowship. To witness the event of Steve Larson trying to redeem himself after a very poor performance in running the 200 meter dash the year before. This event is specifically centered around a wager between Steve Larson and John Lynch regarding Steve’s ability to still run (like he did in High School 20 years earlier) a decent time in the 200 meter dash. This particular time coincided with Caleb Lynch’s pace for running his 800 meter time. Steve felt at his age and condition he should be able to equal the pace of Caleb’s 800 meter for at least 200 meters. This called for a challenge.

This video shows the original race and then the race one year later, with 8 cameras and many spectators there to see if he can improve on the failed experience.