Target Workers

Target workers is an idea I have had regarding the use of illegal laborers. They are targeted to do work that others would not do. These same people are targeted as people who need to be deported. Targeted as outsiders. They stand out and might as well have giant targets painted on them — or wear shirts that have targets or crosshairs on them. Crosshairs carry too much cache as death, but to them their life depends on being able to have this work opportunity.

Personally, I think we should make work visas readily available and welcomed and easy assign a person to legal work. This would be their identity that makes them “legal” to work and contribute to our society. At the same time make hiring illegals or black market workers more prosecutorial for the companies. Both of these would go towards helping the workers.

I have been working, experimenting with doing transfers to wood for the this imagery. The process has been one that has given me less than promising results so far. I like the ghosted quality that comes with the process. I believe it speaks to the etherial quality of the lives represented here. I also like that the targets seem to be from a different world; opaque, colorful, etc.

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