My thoughts lately have been about using graphic design as an expression. I have looked up the term “graphic expression” and it’s not necessarily a widely used term in the arts, but it does help me start to place myself in a “conversation” in the art world. 
I am not a street artist, and not of this generation with their willingness to be out on a ladder, up a wall or over a fence to make a statement. But I have realized that the artworld is very influenced by artists who bring a digital/design sensibility to their art. This is a genre where I am curious how far I can go. 
I do have things to say in respects of symbolism or semiotics of how our society accepts certain truths such as “guns kill people.” I feel like there are numbers of icons like the gun that people jump to conclusions instead of thinking it through.
Why The Firearm? WTF — a flag that questions our view of weapons.

I thought if I was to make more iconographic objects like flags and shirts that start to question our stance on weapons. If we didn’t have guns, murders would happen via blunt force trauma, like hammers or stabbings with knives etc.

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