Burning 50 video – a memorial fire

Burning 50 from Jeff Del Nero on Vimeo.

I want to wish Mary a happy birthday today, and one of the best ways I could think of is to remember this most beautiful gift from Brian & Janet Conery. What a wonderful offering and effort by them. This is a tower built and adorned to be burned. Amazing. Thank you.

This is a slow-motion video converting a 20 second event into a 3 minute video featuring Peter Gabriel’s “The Drop” lyrics below.

The Drop— Peter Gabriel
moving down the fuselage | toward the open door | catch you looking down outside | to see what lies ahead | one by one | you watch them fall | fall through cloud | one by one | you watch them fall | no idea where they’re going | but down | where they’ve gone | where they’ve gone | watching as the sun goes down | i sit inside this plane | notice how the city lights | are like the nerves inside the brain | one by one | they’re going out | you watch them dim | one by one | you watch them fall | and wonder where they’re falling to

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