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rhombus-combine-options1There seems to be some potential for experimenting with combinations of different rhombus polyptych’s.

I have been looking at how this may work into a much larger statement. The idea being that I have more than one individual piece that can be displayed in many potential forms.

A type of narrative that is more in keeping with how the world is perceived to us—a tapestry of seemingly-unconnected events.


The thought that there are events happening around us in a many-faceted cacophony which we pass through like a needle through fabric. We are affected by the events immediately around us and ripples of events surrounding us in radiating intersections.

Jennifer Bartlet / Elizabeth Murray / Jim Shaw / Mark Bradford / Tom Sachs / Robyn O’Neil

“You have to follow the work where it wants to go—it’s not about some little skill…”  ~ Jackie Winsor


“Texas-World“, 33 x 33in., scale: 1″=20miles, plywood map of the world’s 150 largest cities mapped into the geographical space of Texas, USA. J. Del Nero, 2016

Acres in Texas: 171,904,640
World Population: 6,602,224,175
= 38.5 people per acre. Density Goal: 10 dwellings/acres = 3.8 people per dwelling.

If the world was turned into a Monopoly® Game. How long would it take to become unbalanced again? Can we make everything even? Is equality a possibility? Let’s give everyone the same access to food, shelter, etc., what would happen?
I mapped the 150 most populated world cities into the map of texas at 1″ = 20 miles. I found that so many cities have such a small footprint, while the largest cities in China occupy such large swatches of land it overwhelmed some of the space in the map. It was quite a contrast to see in front of me.
The exercise of connecting the cities with the white constellation reminds me of an internet that doesn’t have to follow any particular geographical order, but can jump randomly in any direction.

The idea of having the iconic shape of Texas as the first thing you see give an impression of one type of mindset. In many ways the shape of Texas is as recognizable as the U.S. map. Texas also is an strange representation of a “typical American” so it seems appropriate to use this shape as a generalization of our society.

Also, Texas having flown under six different country flags also seems to be a kind of reminder of the history of the state.

“If I loose my grip, will I take flight?”

“If I loose my grip, will I take flight?” a lyric from a Bruce Cockburn song called Strange Waters.
This is quite wonderful double entendre regarding holding on to things that either hold you down or potentially keep you safe vs the idea of hanging on to a branch on a cliff, or an airplane wing that once you have let go, you will surely die.
The imagery here is about hands, arms, etc. They are also of different colors. This is intentional and supposed to call you to compare.
Both scenarios are different intentionally too.

The imagery here is about hands, arms, etc. They are also of different colors. This is intentional and supposed to call you to compare.

The imagery here is about hands, arms, etc. They are also of different colors. This is intentional and supposed to call you to compare.

I have this thought that has been progressing and I am starting to get more of a positive feeling about the combination of figures. A lot of talk with this work has been centered around the contrast of the two scenes. Thoughts about location and activity. How we are not naturally able to coexist. While there’s the aspect of work and war, there is also the concept of how work vs. play can be derived here too.

life remote
“Life Remote 2” – 19x48in, plywood and words, Jeff Del Nero, 2017

Life Remote

These are in progress. I have somewhat of an idea that is not quite ready yet, but I am still working on this concept. To me it’s like a poem of words that we use in an automatic way. I think it can be a fun idea to think that our lives are managed in a “remote” kind of interaction.

We sit in one place and try to make things happen in another place. Using this bit of technology to assist us. This is our phone or our computer that becomes an extension of us. Although, many times there are not buttons for the things we wish could happen. Or events that we cannot control or undo.

life remote
“Life Remote 1” – 19x48in, plywood and words, Jeff Del Nero, 2017

My goal is to have the surface of this allude to life. The worn, random effects of living through life. The inevitable wear-and-tear that happens to us.
Because UX (user experience) is important to us in our daily lives, and my job many times is largely associated with a user’s experience, I wanted this to be less user friendly; on/off buttons are randomly placed in the midst of banks of buttons. Also, purposely dis-organizing usage, so it would be work to locate the correct button for the desired result. Chances for errors are increased.

Target workers is an idea I have had regarding the use of illegal laborers. They are targeted to do work that others would not do. These same people are targeted (more…)

To have a remote that would help in life situations speaks to our dependence upon the technology around us. I am particularly aware of this when my analog life seeks an “undo” when there are none available. Looking for the particular way to make this remote, and while considering some other ideas along the way, this seems to be a fun and worthwhile project to continue with.

Currently, I am experimenting with scale for this project and some other ways of application of the imagery. This approaches some of the particular desires I have to use all of the tools I work with every day. Both digital and analog. Especially considering a way of having words play into my concept as well.

The other remote concepts are not mocked up yet, but as I get into this one I plan on evolving into the next remote ideas as well.