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“The Race” Mixed Media on Panel, Size S, 30.5 x 24in., Jeff Del Nero JUN2017
“The Race”  35 x 22.5 in — mixed on paper, 2016
“The Race”  35 x 22.5 in — mixed on paper, 2016
“Above” Jeff Del Nero, 22.5x35in.
“Above” Jeff Del Nero, 22.5x35in.
“First Contact” Jeff Del Nero, 22.5x35in.
“First Contact” Jeff Del Nero, 22.5x35in.
“Prometheus as a Modern Kouros” Jeff Del Nero, 22.5x35in.
“Prometheus as a Modern Kouros” Jeff Del Nero, 22.5x35in.
“Field Workers” Jeff Del Nero, acrylic on paper, 45w x 35h in.
“Field Workers” Jeff Del Nero, acrylic on paper, 45w x 35h in.
“Astro” Jeff Del Nero 22.5 x 35in., mixed on paper, Jeff Del Nero, 2016
“Anti-Goals” Jeff Del Nero 22.5 x 35in., graphite on paper, Jeff Del Nero, 2016
“Consumer” 12.25×17.5in. Acrylic on Panel, Jeff Del Nero 2016
“InfiniteUse” acrylic on canvas, 48x36in. Jeff Del Nero 2016
“InfiniteUse” acrylic on canvas, 48x36in. Jeff Del Nero 2016

A simple doodle drawing that has become a painting. (more…)

Hopes & Dreams, acrylic on panel 28x20in. Jeff Del Nero
Hopes & Dreams, acrylic on panel 28x20in. Jeff Del Nero

Hopes & Dreams

A work on panel (plywood) + acrylic. An idea that came along while thinking about being fragile. Hopefully, this will be an allegory for all of us. Everyone must risk being known, being public, interviewing for jobs or meeting new people. To move forward in life there is a fight that must happen.I thought about having ideas and thoughts about one’s future. Along the way there are successes and most likely many more failures. This is not necessarily about boxing, but about thoughts/ideas and effort/sweat going towards a better future — or a future that is being wrought out of life with many challenges along the way. This image became an essential one for me as I think about my station in life and what will be next. I have hopes and dreams, and I know the long shot that it will be if they come to pass. The “long shot” idea led me to the boxer. Brains or brawn, which will it be? Thinking about working as a creative and putting ideas out there for all to see. Currently at Exhale Unlimited Gallery, Chinatown, Los Angeles.

“ExEden” 30.5 x 24 in., mixed media on panel, Jeff Del Nero 2016
“ExEden” 30.5 x 24 in., mixed media on panel, Jeff Del Nero 2016

here is the finished (so far) version of what I am calling “ExEden”

diver-collection Ascent / Descent of man. Resourcefulness in regards to dreams and solutions to difficult challenges.

OK, flying over land. My goal was to have some textural patterns that would clearly be agricultural. This is still way-in-progress. My other intent was the Monopoly™ houses. More resolved, but will be in the additional areas surrounding the flying man.

ascent-descent-pt1-smMore thought about man’s ability to do things that are amazing to us — but only as far as we can see. We are amazed too easily.

ascent-descent-pt3The houses will be symbolic of all culture, building, homes, lifestyles.

rhombus-combine-options1There seems to be some potential for experimenting with combinations of different rhombus polyptych’s.

I have been looking at how this may work into a much larger statement. The idea being that I have more than one individual piece that can be displayed in many potential forms.

A type of narrative that is more in keeping with how the world is perceived to us—a tapestry of seemingly-unconnected events.


The thought that there are events happening around us in a many-faceted cacophony which we pass through like a needle through fabric. We are affected by the events immediately around us and ripples of events surrounding us in radiating intersections.

Jennifer Bartlet / Elizabeth Murray / Jim Shaw / Mark Bradford / Tom Sachs / Robyn O’Neil

“You have to follow the work where it wants to go—it’s not about some little skill…”  ~ Jackie Winsor


studio-wall-1Just a couple of quick “candid” studio photos while working. I left some tools in there to get a perspective of some of the sizes.

The wall to the left shows a messy area, but most importantly, the silhouette stencil of my flying man.


a-texas-full-of-tokyos_800pxTake the expansive space of Texas with its iconic shape, then overlay into that the most dense city in the world. An experiment of a densely populated the area and let’s see what comes of this.

East & West collide. Many notions of both places can be construed. If you were to take these opposing mindsets and work them together what could happen?

US & Tokyo Proportion Efficiency Map 1:200mi scale.

Thinking about the density of Tokyo and what it would be like to reduce our overall land footprint in the the United States to a microscopic level. I chose 10 locations to more than equal our population with a 25 year estimated advance in growth.

All living areas, cities that already have a dense population that can be migrated into the most efficient living centers – ziggurats that employ gardens and parks in proportion to each tower. With commercial areas for meeting and transportation centers to collect people at HyperLoop + This one too, hubs to easily get to specific work and recreational zones located around the U.S.

We currently have developed less than 5% of our land, but with focused density we could cut this by a factor of 100. Then use more open space for recreation and leisure. Also, by focusing our

agricultural and manufacturing to more efficient locations and geographic relationships we would gain a very powerful use of land.

We can start to be more efficient with how we handle our water, energy needs, food, living environment, daily regimen of exercise, human interaction and social connectedness.

ziggurat city plan based on .5 mile grid.

Other Research:

Live in a skyscraper:
Housing Projects
1 square mile project – utopian environment possible?
Water plan
Water / sewer potential
Food potential
Food handling, containers reuse, recycle:
Power potential
Clothing / Practical yet room for personal expression: Bamboo / Cotton
Outdoor Health, Recreation & Activities: see map
Vacations: see map
Manufacturing: see map
Building Materials: see map
Spare Parts & Repairs: see map

This is a concept for the larger rhombus stretched canvases that I have started. The final will be approx. 72″ x 68″

This shows the layers I anticipate having in different applications. There will be digital printed canvases mixed with painted canvases + stenciled spray painted areas.

“If Necessity is the Mother of Invention, Then is Technology the Father of Dependence?”

With the continued use of the rhombus shape I am questioning whether the shape lends itself to the idea of an underlying structure of science and math as an interlocking foundation for the inventive attempts at various technologies.

A form that gives us a look at a world where people strive to use new technologies with the hope that each one will make us incrementally more self-sufficient while seeking to be further distanced from a consideration of faith.

“Texas-World“, 33 x 33in., scale: 1″=20miles, plywood map of the world’s 150 largest cities mapped into the geographical space of Texas, USA. J. Del Nero, 2016

Acres in Texas: 171,904,640
World Population: 6,602,224,175
= 38.5 people per acre. Density Goal: 10 dwellings/acres = 3.8 people per dwelling.

If the world was turned into a Monopoly® Game. How long would it take to become unbalanced again? Can we make everything even? Is equality a possibility? Let’s give everyone the same access to food, shelter, etc., what would happen?
I mapped the 150 most populated world cities into the map of texas at 1″ = 20 miles. I found that so many cities have such a small footprint, while the largest cities in China occupy such large swatches of land it overwhelmed some of the space in the map. It was quite a contrast to see in front of me.
The exercise of connecting the cities with the white constellation reminds me of an internet that doesn’t have to follow any particular geographical order, but can jump randomly in any direction.

The idea of having the iconic shape of Texas as the first thing you see give an impression of one type of mindset. In many ways the shape of Texas is as recognizable as the U.S. map. Texas also is an strange representation of a “typical American” so it seems appropriate to use this shape as a generalization of our society.

Also, Texas having flown under six different country flags also seems to be a kind of reminder of the history of the state.